Consulting & Professional Development – Working with Craig

I have worked as a consultant for publishers, professional development organizations, institutes, and state agencies in a variety of roles. Contact me at:  and connect with me on Linkedin.

I am available for short and long term contract projects including, but not limited to, the following themes:

Curriculum Creation

Textbook Editing

Global Perspectives and Competencies

21st Century Education

Common Core State Standards Implementation

Innovative and Differentiated Instruction

Historical Thinking Skills

Blended and Online Learning

Teacher Mentoring and PLC Design

Lesson Plan Design

Standards Alignment

I have worked with the following organizations and can provide references upon request.

  1. US Department of State Office of the Historian
  2. AcrossWorld Education
  3. iEARN
  4. Cengage
  5. The Global Campaign for Education
  6. Northeastern University
  7. M.E. Sharpe Publishers
  8. Teachers 21
  9. IREX
  10. Massachusetts Historical Society
  11. Connections Academy
  12. International Baccalaureate Organization
  13. AP Place
  14. Foreign Policy Research Institute
  15. Terra Tempus
  16. Massachusetts Global Education Advisory Council
  17. Class Measures
  18. Southern New Hampshire University
  19. Institute of International Education (IIE)
  20. APEX Learning
  21. nSight




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